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(last update: 7/12/98)

This is a totally free-form list containing items of unknown value.  As it grows, some items will be dumped and whole new sections will form.  BABYLAND, MATTRESS and the authors, hosts, service providers etc. are in no way responsible for what you might find at these locations.  However, the authors do reserve the right to kick out any links that they suddenly deem "over the line," or "just too fucked up," "dumb," etc.  Some of these links may in fact have been chosen exactly because they are so totally debased, fowl, and repulsive either in form or content that we felt it necessary to include them as targets for your rage.  Others are amateur sites, created with the best of intentions but lacking the level of self restraint that you might expect from civilized humans.  Regardless, here they all are!  For you to enjoy, ignore, despise, assault, enlist in and otherwise squeeze the value out of.  If you know of a site that should be on this list, please forward it, along with a brief description, to  SMITH  (  Fascist assholes need not apply.


CDP ( = Noisy UK band with a high concept and a low budget.

The Damned:   ( = Come to grips with one of the greatest organizations in the history of entertainment!

DROPDEAD  ( = Find out why SMITH is a vegetarian.

Dystopia One     ( = Nice Long Island boys who will show you a good time for less money than most Thai transvestites.

FUGAZI ( = The official internet presence.

The Jam (  = If there is an afterlife, the band at the eternal prom HAS to sound just like this.

Joy Division  ( = Site for all things Joy Division and New Order.

Meat Beat Manifesto (  = meat beat manifesto official web presence.  Active hypnotic mind control employed.

 MONOLITH   ( = Decadent expresionism from the depths of Orange County.

The Stranglers  ( = indespencible
stranglers fan page with tons of good info.

THC  ( = Los Angeles drum n'base outfit challenges the Earth.

The Young Gods ( = An endangered species.

Remember Grotus?  ( = Lars, formerly of Grotus: what he's up to now and why you gotta watch what you eat.  New bands listen up!

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William S. Burroughs  (  = A fine collection of facts and examples.

H.P. Lovecraft   ( = "Life is a terrible thing..."

Clive Barker  ( = He's a total weirdo and he's up to no good.
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ATAKRA! ( = This man will hurt your feelings, free of charge.

Baby Sue  ( = The Georgia Giant, as nasty as they want to be.  This issue actually feels almost Gothic...

CHOLER!   ( = New Ezine aspiring for greatness.

 It's Dave!  ( = South side web jocky seeks to stir up trouble.  LA area bands, venues, fanzines and artists should send him info ASAP.

Fllipside Opinions Newsforum  ( = Discussion group focusing of Punk Rock, Experimental Music and Film, Weird Theories, Alien Visitors, Hard Drugs, and other issues covered between the pages of Flipside Magazine.  Speak up for what you believe in and see it in print in the next issue of Flipside!

 Lil'Rhino Gazette   (  = One of the original fanzines!

New Beverly Cinema  ( = Los Angeles' finest motion picture revival house.  This site will give you up to date info on all the great films they'll be screening here soon as well as a record of everything they've shown, as far back as they can remember.  If you are coming to LA, you gotta catch a movie here.

PUNK PLANET!  = online zine version of the thing you need to read most.

Rasputin Manifesto!  ( = The electronic version of Berkeley CA's music supermarket's own free paper.  The November issue contains a great mention of BABYLAND.

re:mote induction   = ( = An interesting e-zine based outta Glasgow, Scotland.

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Carpe Mortem ( = Carpe Mortem puts up a fairly comprehensive set of links to fucked up bands, focusing entirely on the Gothic/Industrial sector.  Goes well with black skirts and plastic Dracula fangs.

CULT MOVIES ( = Cult Movies at Mining co.

DISINFORMATION  ( = Ancient astronauts, man made diseases, magic healing, unknown creatures, the fun stuff!  The most paranoid site on the web.  This must be a trap!  Bait them...

DIY Search ( = incredible user updated DIY search engine with great links to ezines, bands, etc.  If you've got something to share, log in with these guys!

House of the Rising Punk  ( = Massive punk rock list connects you with bands, labels, distros, scenes and more ACTUALLY USEFUL!

IMDB (  = Internet Movie Data Base, the Web's most comprehensive user supported resource for all your film, video and television information needs.  Use it to look up facts and figures on any film; if it's not listed here, it probably doesn't exist.  Even William Lorton's "$40,000" has an entry!

KZSU Band Database ( = Extensive set of links to  Electronic/Gothic/Industrial bands with brief discography's and other info.

MODLIST  ( = Mod music and lifestyle page, scooters included.

NOISE WEB  ( = Good noise connections, user supported so go sign in and contribute what you can!
 SCIENCE FICTION   ( = Database of Authors

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Distributors & Labels:

BOTTLENEKK   ( = DIY Distro based outta Oakland, CA.  Carries the distinction of being the FIRST distro to carry any MATTRESS product!

 BRAIN SURGERY  ( = NYC Distro who have taken on the roll of wholesaling our stuff!  Currently working some great initiatives that might just put the record into a store near you sooner than you think.

CARBON DISKS   ( = Carbon Disks, UK underground mailorder.

CATCHPHRAZE ( = Punk distro in Arizona with an emphasis on political relevance.

Freak Animal Records  ( = Happening Noise label from Finland.

INFRAROT ( = German distro with some freaky stuff available via mail order.

MARGINAL MAIL   ( = Dutch underground mailorder run by a fellow named Sven.

MUSIC MAIL EXPRESS ( = a Dutch mail order distro that claims to have The Dogsnatcher EP available!   If you live in Europe and you want this rare 12", bug them!

PANX ( = The first European source for BABYLAND's new 7"!  French punk/grind/noise DIY label that loves to trade.  Toulouse, France.

PINCH A LOAF (  = LA noise label dedicated in connecting you with the best in the genuine industrial noise genre.  No cheesy nonsense in black skirts and eyeliner here, boy-o.

RAZOR & TIE   ( = The label responsible for the fantastic Joe Meek compilation "It's Hard To Believe..."

ROUND FLAT  ( = Mail order distro that offers Babyland's "The Dogsnatcher EP," possibly the last place on Earth that's still got some.   They also have a  midi file page, including "I turned into a Martian" (Misfits), "Waiting Room" (Fugazi) & dozens of others.

Transparent Records ( = Transparent Records; punk vinyl mail-order.

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Ancient Warfare  ( = Topics on our savage past.

Emperors ( = Rulers of the Roman Empire, from start to finish.

Ermine Street Guard  ( = Recreating the life of Roman Legionnaires.  Join them!

Historical Resources  ( = An index of Historical Resources that beats Yahoo!

Klisura 69 ( = Armored fighting vehicles and the Italian Tanker's Web Site

Nihon Kaigun  ( =  Learn more than you need to know about the Imperial Japanese Navy

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 Burning Man Recording Project  ( = A bunch of freaks are going to record a weirdo record out at Burning Man this year.  Find out how, why and what you can do to keep yourself away from them.

Olympia Washington Weirdness ( = Info on an experimental music festival that might happen again some day.

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Asteroids!  (  = Earth Crossing Asteroids Page - Fuck Hollywood, these guys have the real scoop on Near Earth Objects and some great graphics too.  Frightening!

Be an Asshole!  ( = Total nastiness generated by visitors to the site, some good and some bad.  Go there and fuck with them.

CDT  ( = The Center For Democracy and Technology "works for public policies that advance civil liberties and democratic values in new computer and communications technologies. "

CHRISTIANITY   ( = An in depth critical examination of Christian theology, history, and origin.  Open to comments.

Electronic Frontier Foundation  ( =  Freedom of the internet!

Language Debate  ( = This guy tracks the growing trend of English-only language fascism and has a groovy mustache too!

Music Lounge  ( = Some guy named Dave.  Torture him.

Pro Choice ( = Stand up for reproductive rights!

Queer Skin Brotherhood ( = Exactly what it says and don't try to tell them otherwise.

Space Policy Institute  ( = intelligent discussion about what we should be doing up there.

Think For Yourself  ( =  a forum for alternatives to the costly, damaging and unwinable war on drugs.

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Scene Reports

LA Punk Scene   ( = LA punk record store & scene report with show listings and contacts.

Northern California Scene ( = San Francisco Bay area show listings and more.

Pacific North West Scene ( = Pacific North West show listings.  Let them know you love us.

Sacramento Scene ( = The search continues...
Santa Barbara   ( = The Dark Side of Santa Barbara...

Brazilian Scene ( = These punks will teach you what slash and burn really means.

Finland Punk Scene   ( = The other white meat.  Bands, labels, zines, etc.

Hungary Punk Scene   ( = Magyar Punk!  Bands, labels, zines, etc.

Lithuanian Scene ( = Rocking the Baltic States.

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Tools you can Use

Oblique Strategies ( = Brian Eno's handy production tool and relaxing mind toy on line.
Frank!   (  = The Frank Kozik Resource Center.

Rank This! ( = Helps you fine tune your web site to make sure we can find you.  Or, you can just send me your link.  Us it to improve your site's rankings on popular search engines.

GABOCORP ( = Dig these show-offs and their Macromedia FLASH! 3 based site.  It's worth seeing and learning from, for the time being...
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